PowerNap Improvements session at UDS-O

After the success of the improvements of PowerNap in Ubuntu Natty 11.04, we will be having another session st UDS-O Thursday the 12th at 15:00. In this session we will discuss the following:

  • Second Stage action when running in PowerSave mode.
  • Support for port-ranges in Network Monitors
  • Changing the polling monitoring system to an event based system.
  • Client/Server approach to monitor/manage PowerNap “client machines” over the network for data center wide deployments
  • Server ARP network Monitoring for Automatic Wake-up of Clients.
  • API like approach for Integration with other projects.

Everyone who’s interested are more than welcome to join! For more information, the blueprint can be found HERE.

Brainstorm Idea Support

As you may know, I applied for JJ UDS Sponsorship. I think that today was the last that people could summit their ideas. But, people can still support them I guess. Since I have been pretty busy the past few days, I just got some time to explain my ideas a little more.

My first idea is Centralized Cluster Administration. This idea is related to the creation of an application that will help us implement and manage LVS Based Clusters. I got this idea because, as you may know, I did my thesis about Designing a Model to Implement High Availability Web Servers using LVS based clusters.

My second idea is Ubuntu Centralized Image Installation/Recovery/Backup. This idea is related to the creation of an application that will help us install Ubuntu from a centralized server on a LAN, similar to what RIS is. It will also allow us to create images, and be able to recover them and create backups, and so on.

So, if you think they are good ideas, it would be great to have your support. Thanks :).