CISAISI 2008 (Congreso Internacional Sud-Americano de Ingeniría de Sistemas, Computación e Informática 2008), is an International Latin American event of Systems Engineers, Computing and Informatics. This event is on its XII edition and it will be in Arequipa – Perú, from the 6 to the 10th of October, at Universidad Católica de Santa María – UCSM, which is the University where I’ve studied.

This event was created to do courses and debates, give conferences and summit scientific work. On the present edition of the CISAISI 2008, a new feature has been added, which is the “Poster Contest”, that allows young people, such as students, to summit any scientific work they are working on, related to Informatics.

On this edition, I summited my Thesis as a paper for this “Poster Contest”. This means that I’ll be presenting my Thesis (“Designing a Model to Implement High Availability Web Servers”), and talk about it during the event. This event is very important because many people from different cities around Latin America are going to be present. This is a good chance to promote Ubuntu in Cluster utilization, since my Thesis was done creating clusters in Ubuntu. This will show to many people that Linux, and specially Ubuntu, is a powerful OS to create High Availability Clusters. This will also introduce DRBD to the Latin American Market.

So, whish me luck!! :).