UPDATE 2 (Semi-fix): HDMI Issues with Maverick

So, today I tried to connect my laptop to the TV using HDMI. Surprisingly, it does not work correctly. The image in the TV comes for a couple of seconds and then goes again for a few more seconds, and the process repeats. Any ideas of what might be going wrong? (It is not cable cause it works well with Windows). So, I’m guessing it is either the Nvidia graphics driver or some configuration error.

My graphics card is an NVidia Geforce G 105M.

UPDATE: So, a user post a comment here that might be related to the audio output and indeed. Now, the HDMI output works, I can see my screen from the tv, the only issue is that there’s no Audio.

How was it fixed? I Went to System > Preferences > Sound, and  in Profile I selected “Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output” instead of “Analog Stereo Output”. This, however, shows me the screen but there’s no audio from the TV nor from the Laptop Speakers.

UPDATE 2: Well after trying to figure out what is going wrong with this, I finally was able to get sound out of my TV connected to the computer through HDMI. For this I had to unmute a setting using alsamixer. This setting was S/SPDIF 1. So, now I have both, picture and sound coming out of my TV. However, the picture comes *only* when there’s something using the sound cards. i.e.When music player is on. When music is off, the TV screen will be turning off/on constantly, as described above.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE 2 (Semi-fix): HDMI Issues with Maverick

  1. Well, now your problem is becoming a little different from mine.

    On my PC, the behaviour I described only happens with “Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output” selected in audio preferences. If I select “Analog Stereo Output” there is neither sound nor video.

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  3. Try running ‘alsamixer’, press F6 to select the HDMI sound card.

    Then see if all volume levels are not muted and up.

  4. @FV, same issue, when on Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output, it will only display if the sound card is being in use.

    @Bash, no luck. No volume levels are muted.

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