Crazy weekend but finally graduating…

So last Monday I finally finished all the coursework required and officially finished with my Masters in Telecom and Networking. However, it wasn’t as I expected. I wanted to relax for the whole week till my Commencement Ceremony tomorrow but… it wasn’t possible.

I realized that still had lots of stuff to do, but not for school. They were mainly for Ubuntu (Testdrive, powernap, and the cluster stack). However I aslo realized that it was the weekend that I was moving all my stuff to my girlsfriends new apartment. Anyway, unfortunately I couldn’t do all the stuff I wanted but I’m almost done with the moving.

So after the weekend, tomorrow ill hhave the satisfaction to say it’s all over (school), and will have lots of free time till I get a job to work on my Ubuntu related stuff, cause I will be stuck in MIA for the hollidays and wont be coming back to Peru to spend it with the family. But anyways at least I can say I have to do Ubuntu related work.

TestDrive: Testing an Ubuntu ISO in real Hardware??

So, last month I was reading the “Unity Desktop and maverick backport” thread at the ubuntu-devel list. The discussion at some point became about How to Test Natty (Unity Compiz specifically) in real hardware from early stages in the development cycle. So, Dustin recommended the use of TestDrive to do the testing. However, he also mention that 3D acceleration was not available in the VM’s, and his recommendation was more related to 2D testing.

So, that discussion reminded me of a proposed branch to TestDrive that was outdated, on which an option was added to be able to Launch an ISO from GRUB, by placing the ISO in an special folder, and creating an entry for GRUB’s boot menu. So, today I decided to test that feature! It works, but the code needs improvements. So, before actually working on them, I was wondering what ya’ll think?

So my question is, would it be a good idea to add that option to TestDrive to make an ISO available for booting directly from GRUB for testing in real hardware?, or not? Pros/Cons, Comments, Suggestions?