One more month to Graduate… Still Job searching…

Finally, after a really loooooooong year and a half of having started my studies in the MS of Telecommunications & Networking at Florida International University, I’m about to graduate.

I officially have one more month of class left. This is an exiting time on which I have to decide what’s gonna happen to me in the near future. I’ve been offered the possibility to continue my studies with a PhD in Computer Science, but, I’m not sure just yet what I’m gonna do. However, I’m still job searching.

As I mentioned before, I’m looking for a job in Open SourceNetwork Administration (given to my studies) or Linux System Administration/Engineering, but I’d really like to stay with Open Source, and stay really close to my passion,Ubuntu. Furthermore, I’d also like to continue to work with HA Clustering, loadbalancing, etc, or other technologies, such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing (even though that I might not have much experience, but I’m a quick learner), either on Implementation as a SysAdmin, or as a Developer, as long as it keeps me close to Ubuntu.

Anyways, I just hope things are cleared in the next few days and turn to the better. Wish me luck :).