GSoC Update of the Week: Testdrive PyGTK Front-end

This week’s updates are:


  • Couple of bugfixes has been released and a new TestDrive has been uploaded to both, Maverick archives and TestDrive PPA (ppa:testdrive/ppa)
  • The next to be done in TestDrive is add support for ISO’s in

TestDrive PyGTK

A TestDrive PyGTK Demo has been Released!!!

Current Status

  • The Front-end still does not support Launching of Multiple ISO’s at the same time.
  • The way how preferences are handled has been rewritten completely.
  • Minor UI Improvements have been done.
  • Preferences are not fully functional just yet but most of them work.

Work to be done
This week work will be concentrated in:

  • Look into provide Threading to TestDrive PyGTK Front-end to allow multiple ISO’s to be launched at the same time.
  • Continue with the improvement of the Preferences Dialog.
  • The source of TestDrive PyGTK will be released soon.

TestDrive PyGTK Front-end DEMO!
A Front-end DEMO is now available to install for
lucid users. Please notice that the Front-end is only a demo and still contains lots of bugs. Now to be able to have it working we need to install both testdrive and testdrive-gtk packages from PPAs. The reason is because the sourcing of config files used on testdrive-gtk is still the same that testdrive uses for conventional reasons. This will be changed soon. To be able to install do the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:testdrive/ppa
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:testdrive-gtk/ppa
sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install testdrive testdrive-gtk

Once it is installed, you can launch it at: Applications > System Tools > TestDrive GTK Front-end. Notice that TestDrive PyGTK Front-end will default to Ubuntu ISOs only. To enable other Ubuntu Flavors please go to Edit > Preferences > Distributions, enable the desired ones (i.e Kubuntu), and press Save.

NOTE: When syncing an ISO the Main UI gets blocked. This main UI will get unblocked once TestDrive has finished syncing the ISO. This will be fixed when Threading is implemented, which will allow to run other processes at the same time, and will not block the main UI.

If you would like to see other sketches and keep track of the project, please refer to the following:

You can also find me (RoAkSoAx) and my mentor (Dustin Kirkland – kirkland) on IRC at:

  • IRC Channel: #testdrive

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