GSoC Update of the Week: Testdrive PyGTK Front-end

Unfortunately, last week I was unable to provide an update due to I was busy with personal stuff. Anyways this weeks update brings new things to TestDrive and TestDrive PyGTK Front-end.

A new version was released around a week ago with the following features:

  • Support for different Ubuntu Flavors of the current Development Release daily ISO. These flavors are ubuntu (default and includes Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Netbook) – kubuntu (Includes Kubuntu Netbook) – xubuntu – edubuntu – mythbuntu – ubuntustudio. To change flavor, you can either edit the config file to set the default or do the following:

testdrive --flavor kubuntu
testdrive --flavor edubuntu

  • Support for older Ubuntu Releases which ISO’s are in (Currently Hardy, Lucid DVD, and Maverick of course). However in the future it will support ISO’s that are located at

testdrive --release hardy
testdrive --release lucid

The latest release is in Maverick repo’s, however, for those who are running lucid and want to try it out, you can find it at TestDrive’s PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:testdrive/ppa

TestDrive PyGTK:

  • The PyGTK Front-end already had support for Different Ubuntu Flavors.
  • It now also supports older Ubuntu Releases by setting them on the preferences.

New features that are currently on work:

  • Preferences dialog that will allow to manipulate TestDrive’s PyGTK Preferences from the dialogs seen as follows:

In the next few weeks, the work will be concentrated on:

  • A demo of TestDrive PyGTK Front-end will be packaged and released later this week.
  • Finish the work on the Preferences Dialog.
  • Support for launching multiple TestDrives at the same time using python threads.
  • Improve the UI

If you would like to see other sketches and keep track of the project, please refer to the following:

You can also find me (RoAkSoAx) and my mentor (Dustin Kirkland – kirkland) on IRC at:

  • IRC Channel: #testdrive

3 thoughts on “GSoC Update of the Week: Testdrive PyGTK Front-end

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  2. ’cause it’s going to be an Ubuntu (and so GTK+/GNOME) application, may I suggest you to read GNOME HIG[1]?

    There are several UI items that break basic HIG UI rules and suggestions: for instance, tabs should be on top, “Image Cache” should be capitalized as “Image cache” (same for other similar) and shouldn’t have bold, the “frames” should be invisible, buttons should be well spaced and aligned, indentation of frame children should be the same…

    A little thing not in HIG I could suggest as improvement is the memory/disk size selection. You could use a single GtkComboBoxEntry[2] with preferred values (256, 384, 512) in dropdown list. This should simplify the UI keeping simple both choosing a preset or insert a custom value.
    If so, please note that following HIG the appearance should be something like

    Memory size: [256_____|v] MB

    and not

    Memory size (MB): [256_____|v]




  3. @Luca,

    Thank you for your suggestions. They are taken into consideration, and the UI is just a preliminary one since it will of course be improved and will ask the community to help with that. Thank you.

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