UPDATE: Data loss after update?

Hi all,

An hour ago I upgraded my Lucid desktop to the latest updates available and after the upgrade, I noticed that some Folders I had in the ‘Desktop’ where missing. I tried to see if they were hidden or if it was just a weird bug that was not actually showing the files but it wasn’t… so yeah I guess that something caused the data loss after the upgrade!! so BE CAREFULL!

UPDATE: I’ve filed a bug LP: #543822. However, this bug is not reproducible. The data loss just happened after an upgrade. I haven’t seen this behavior again after any other upgrades i’ve been making. So i guess there’s nothing to be alarmed.

Call for Testing: Cluster Stack – Load Balancing

Continuing with the Ubuntu Cluster Stack testing, it is the time now for Load Balancing. During las UDS, we discussed that we should based the Load Balancing as part of the Ubuntu Cluster Stack using Keepalived due to its speed. However, since the main Cluster Stack is based in Pacemaker, we decided to do Load Balancing with Pacemaker/ldirectord too.

The wikipage showing the procedure is THIS ONE. If you find any bugs in the documentation, please let us know by leaving your comments at the END of the wikipage in preparation for the Documentation that might be included in the Ubuntu Server Guide.

All the packages are now in the archives. So please test the configurations and if you find any bugs, please report them in LP :).