After Surgery…

The past two days I’ve not been around because I just had a surgery on Saturday Morning. The pain (that I still have) has kept me out of my computer, since I’ve been lying in bed. This is my first attempt to use my computer after the surgery, however I’m still in pain (and dizzy) and it seems i’ll be away for a couple more days.

Anyways.. I’m off to rest and i’ll try to come back later today to start working on the things I promised :).

Done with Finals!! Peru… here I come!!

I finally finished my first semester as a Graduate Student!! After the UDS I just had 3 more weeks to go of school… and man!! they have been quite busy weeks!!¬†Now it is time to chill for a couple days and to restart doing some MOTU work.

Anyways… I’m really glad my first semester is over… and I’m really happy cause tomorrow I’ll be taking a plane to come back to Peru for the¬†Holidays!! Hopefully this time I’ll be able to go to Cusco and visit Macchu Picchu. (Yes I’m Peruvian and I’ve lived there pretty much all my life but never went there!!).