Ubuntizing People!!

About two months ago I made a post where I mentioned how I introduced some friends into Ubuntu… They showed their desired to see what it was and how it worked. The post is here: The Need to Ubuntize people.

Anyways, the thing is that before going to the UDS I showed one of my friends Ubuntu working with full Compiz Effects and he was just amazed. He told me it just looks like a Mac!! I told him… well they are similar and explained to him the whole concept behind Unix and Linux again. Back from the UDS, I brought back some CDs and the Ubuntu User Magazine. I gave a CD and the Magazine to him (with some stickers) and he was just excited about it. The thing is that today he told me: “I just installed Ubuntu and I love it!!.” First of all I though, “wow, he just did it by himself without requiring my help!!”… and well, he did it using Wubi… but, that doesn’t not matter… he gave first step by jumping into it by himself!!

Anyways, after he told me that he was using Ubuntu for quite a few hours, he was setting up all he needed. He got Empathy and Evolution with his accounts working without any help. However, he couldn’t set up three things: Skype, Flash Player, and Music!! I helped him out and showed him how easy it was to install everything…

First, I told him to use the Ubuntu Software Center to install the Adobe Flash Player, but he couldn’t find it there… I browse it by myself and It was there indeed… but the thing was that he just couldn’t find it. For me, this means that there are still things to improve in the Ubuntu Software Center to make it easier for people to install new software.

Second, He told me that he was having difficulty playing his music. I just showed him how to install the codecs by clicking the song and leaving the Player to find it by itself and that’s it. I also showed him how to install Skype.

Anyways, after resolving all the issues he just kept telling me how amazed he was with Ubuntu. He told me, “it is so much faster than Windows, it is so straight forward and easy to use, and I just love it”. He loved it so much that he is still using it in this same exact moment, and its been more than 12 hours!! He also kept telling me how much faster Karmic is in his old laptop in comparison to Windows!! And well… I’m just happy he enjoys it as much as I do.

In conclusion… Ubuntu ROCKS!! I’m very amazed that he did pretty much everything he needed without any help and that he loves it. He is just happy that he does not have the same problems he has with windows in the same time frame. Anyways, I guess that this is all thanks to the developers who put so much effort in the Upstream Projects, and to all of those who make Ubuntu Rock!!

Oh… btw… I almost forget… he said “Ubuntu is the future…”, “Windows is so gonna loose against Ubuntu…”, so… if a regular Windows user thinks this… I’m pretty sure people is just getting sicker and sicker of Windows and they are desperately looking for something new… and unfortunately for us… some of them are switching to Mac because they do not know anything else… so this is where we should show them that there is a whole world besides just Windows and Mac… and this world is the Linux world, and from mine opinion… I would drive them into Ubuntu!!

UDS – Ubuntu Cluster Stack

Today we had the Ubuntu Cluster Stack session at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas, Texas. We made a few decisions regarding the future goals of the ubuntu-ha team summarized as follows:

Failover Cluster Stack: We decided to continue to fully support redhat-cluster-suite, as well as openais /corosync and pacemaker. However, we will also track Heartbeat 3.0 since LinBit has decided to step up and continue to maintain Heartbeat 3.0 for an undetermined period of time (No new features though, see post here). This way, those who still don’t want to upgrade to pacemaker/openais, will have the opportunity to upgrade to Heartbeat 3.0 + Pacemaker.

Load Balacing: We decided to experiment with keepalived and ipvsadm because of the simplicity and speed of keepalived. This also led us to provide bonding that works out of the Box.


  1. The first step will be document simple installation/configuration of the different clustering tools to help with any possible transition/testing. This includes: Pacemaker-Corosync/Openais, Pacemaker-Heartbeat 3.0, RHCS, Keepalived/ipvsadm.
  2. Be more active in upstream, since lots of Ubuntu users are asking for help in upstream channels (#linux-cluster, #linux-ha). Also, work with Debian on getting Pacemaker/corosync working as best as possible (To set as default cluster stack in the future).
  3. And, off course, update packages to latest upstream release as possible, and do this in collaboration with Debian.

Once we finish these actions, we’ll continue with some of other objectives we would like to achieve. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post.

At the UDS… Finally… :)

I finally arrived to Dallas few hours ago!!!  Right now I’m hanging out at the Hotel’s lounge with a whole bunch of other Ubuntu Developers!! I’ve already met some however I might not have identified all of them… but soon when everybody is with their name tags.

Anyways… this is so exiting… I really look forward to this week!!

Strange behavior in laptop LCD

Yesterday I was working on my old laptop and I had to move location, so I disconnected my laptop from the power outlet in the wall. After doing this, my screen started flickering and showing strange lines, from time to time different colors and stuff like that. This is the second time that happens to me… however I got it fixed the first time and I do not know how.

The same behavior is shown during booting process (POST), loading process and well… even when I connect to my laptop through VNC. I have not connected it yet to an external monitor because I do not have cables. You can see a screenshot here:


If anyone know what could be wrong, or a possible fix, let me know.

Quickly Rocks!

So… I gave it a try… and I liked it. The last few weeks I was programming (after a long time) for a project of one of my classes. Since I wanted to learn python for a while, I decided to do my project in Python. At first, it was just going to be a command line application, but… after giving it a second thought, I decided to provide a GUI too using pygtk.

So, since there I saw lots of post about quickly, I decided to give quickly a try too… and it is awesome! I really like it.

Anyways, my app is a simple app that’s allowing me to learn python. It enciphers a text file using a public key, and then it hides the message in an image. I’m making use of python-gnupginterface and python-stepic for this. As you can see, it sounds like a simple app, and it really is… I’ll publish it when I’m done.

Btw… give a try to quickly, you are gonna like it. Thanks rickspencer and didrocks for this awesome tool.