Dell mini 10v… Is it worth it??

Well… as I’m starting my studies for a M.Sc. in Telecom & Networking, I was thinking on buying a new computer. I’m deciding between a netbook and a laptop. Actually, between a Dell Mini 10v and any laptop.

I, of course, want something that will allow me to carry it everywhere… though I do not know what I will use it for since I’ve not started class yet… anyways… do you think that buying a dell Mini is worthy enough?? I mean, is it really useful besides browsing the internet and editing documents?? Has anyone used it to work with Debian packages on it, and have tried to build them there?? How’s its performance…?? Please let me know your experiences to make a better decision.

Thank you.

In Miami… Finally!!

Finally, after a long trip (that kept me away from everything), I’m in Miami at Florida International University!! I have to say that FIU is a pretty amazing University, where you can find many people around the globe. The weather is nice, at least for now, and I’m pretty happy of being here.

So if there’s any Ubuntu member, developer, mentee, or anyone else the Ubuntu Community and/or FIU student, and want to meet… just drop me an email (or leave a comment with contact info).

BTW… I’ll be restarting the translation of the UWN into spanish this weekend. Cheers.

Moving to Florida!!

Finally, after many months of waiting the time has come. In less than three weeks I’ll be moving to Miami, FL from Arequipa – Peru. The reason is simple: I’ll be furthering my studies at a University over there. This is a big change for me since the last few months I’ve been pretty much doing nothing but some packaging work. This also means that I’ll be going back to studying after almost one a half years. And of course, It will be an adaptation process since I’ll be living just by myself at campus, without a car (Imagine that, no car in the US!!!), and well…. just a new experience.

Anyways, I look forward to contribute to the Florida LoCo, as soon as possible. Btw… since I’m busy with the preparations for my trip, I might not be able to deliver the Spanish Translation of the UWN for the next three weeks. 🙁