UPDATE: Ubuntu Presentation!

On November the 21st and November the 22nd, there will be the “I Free Software Conference and Installation Festival” at National University of San Agustin, Arequipa – Peru. It is a great pleasure for me to announce that the Ubuntu Peruvian LoCo Team is going to participate giving a presentation of “Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex”. Btw, I’m the one who’s giving it =). I’m also going to talk about “HA-Clusters in Ubuntu”, which is a topic related to my thesis.

Well, anyways, It is also great to announce that Richard Stallman will be participating on the 22nd, giving a conference about “Human Rights for Software Users”. This event will gather almost 250 people. So, if someone from Arequipa – PerĂº gets to read this post, I hope to see you there!

Btw, The National University of San Agustin is migrating to Ubuntu… So, it is following UNMSN example. Well, wish me luck because after tomorrow, many people will be turning to Ubuntu :).

UPDATE: I’m updating this post to let people know that the event is finished and many people are turning to Ubuntu, and got interested on how to contribute, specially in Development and the LoCo. Hopefully, they will start their participation pretty soon. However, the most impressive thing that happened, is that a TV Show interviewed me after the conference and wanted me to explain them more about Ubuntu, what are the benefits of using it, if it’s pretty well known among organizations, and things like that. Well, I just have a couple of pics since my camera died. Enjoy =).

Ubuntu PresentationUbuntu Presentation 2