Ubuntu On The Job

Today I went for a job interview on some company that it is supposed to be from the US but has a branch here in my city, Arequipa – Peru.

They were requiring people to develop software in GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Java, Perl and PostgreSQL. When I was there i found out with amusement that some of the developers preffered to use Linux instead of Windows. Big was my surprise when i found out that they where using Ubuntu.

Few other companies and some State Agencies where changing their Windows Desktops to Ubuntu Ones, but not a Software Company. I hope this gives an example for other companies to start merging their workstations to such a great OS, Ubuntu.

But well… wish me luck cause hopefully i’ll get the job.

Starting My MOTU Journey

Finally I decided to start the process of becoming a MOTU!

It has been months since I first got interested on Ubuntu Development but I didn’t have much time to do it, and i know that’s a shame. I’m finally finishing University this year and I said, I need to make myself time to do this.

MOTU is a good way to start this process. I’ve have been playing around with some tools, specially trying to do merges so that i can understand them, but none official, just for myself.

After reading effei’s study plan I decided to follow it, and that will be my start point. If anyone has a suggestion on where should I start, what should I do or simply want to help me, feel free to do it, I will be more that glad.

Oh, by the way, if anyone want to know who I am and what I do, I’m RoAkSoAx on freenode, My Launchpad and Wikipage.