Spreading the Word!

This past few days I’ve been asked by several members of the Peruvian LoCo Team to teach them how to merge packages.

This is great!! This reflects nxvl’s talks about Ubuntu Development, that had get into the members heads. It is also great to see how many people wants to get involved with this. So, with my limited knownledge about merging i’ll try to help them as much as i can, and teach them what i’ve learned.

Btw, this *class* is going to be in #ubuntu-pe and 23.00 UTC… in Spanish :).

My First Patch – Patching alsa-tools with Quilt

Today, i’m gonna show you how i did my first patch to alsa-tools using Quilt. I have to thank crimsum who helped me a lot with this package. Actually, this is not just only a Patch… it is a merge where i had to include a Patch.

So i’m gonna show you how i did the merge first and then how I patched it. First of all I download the package as usual and checked the REPORT to see where were the conflicts.

mkdir alsa-tools
cd alsa-tools
../grab-merge.sh alsa-tools

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Merging virt-viewer

Now i’m gonna show you how i merged virt-viewer 0.0.3-2 from debian unstable. The first thing to do is to create a work directory and dowload the package:

$ mkdir virt-viewer
$ cd virt-viewer
virt-viewer$ ../grab-merge.sh virt-viewer

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