Cancer or AIDS?

Don’t worry, I don’t have the sickness nor I desire it to anyone (Knock on wood). This post represents my thoughts on the recent presidential elections held in Peru.  I’m not gonna go into much detail but rather give a brief overview of how I see things in my country. Also, I apologize if the reference to the sicknesses offends someone, as I’m just really trying to represent what great amount of people in my country think. (Not only me, but my family, friends, the young and the old, and even the press)

Yesterday Sunday, presidential elections were held. 5 were the candidates, 3 of which were the most popular. Unfortunately, only two of them go to a second stage on which the president will be elected. These are, Keiko Fujimori (Cancer) and Ollanta Humala (AIDS).

Keiko Fujimori, daughter of Alberto Fujimori, former president of Peru between 1990 and 2000 (after two consecutive periods) and 2001 (third period). Keiko Fujimori, very well educated person, having studied in the US. His father, the worst kind of man in the world. During this presidency, he stole millions and millions of dollars. He was supposed to only server two consecutive periods according to laws, however, his desire for power was greater that he tricked the elections and won a third time. After this, videos of his advisor Vladimiro Montesinos bribing congress man/business man/etc appeared on TV. The advisor, decided to scape the country, and with him Alberto Fujimori. He created a show trying to look after Vladimiro, however, it was just a distraction to help him scape (or so is presumed). Then, months later (if I recall correctly), he went to Japan for a presidential visit. However, once he arrived there, he declared himself as Japanese citizen and resigned to the presidency. Years later he tried to came back to Peru through Chile, but he was caught and now he is serving his sentence in jail for all the crimes he committed. It is presumed that along with his advisor, they stole millions of dollars from Peru, bribed people, controlled newspapers and all that sort of stuff. He managed to hide (or destroy) most of the evidence they got against him, but he left his advisor hanging. Anyways, during his first few years as a president, he didn’t do all bad things though. He pretty much eliminated terrorism and pulled Peru up economically, from a sinking ship. Peru was submerged in inflation. His daughter, however, doesn’t have anything to offer to the country. She got where she is thanks to the popularity of her father. Vote percentage (~26%)

Ollanta Humala, on the other hand, very badly educated (from my point of view). Retired commander from the Peruvian Army. Very well educated father, and murderer brother. Puppet of Hugo Chavez. Well, there’s not really much to say about him rather than he is just incompetent. His brother (and presumably him) organized a a take over of a small town in the Peru mountains leader-ed by the brother (Ollanta of course always said he wasn’t involved). They killed cops.  His brother is currently in jail and he has admitted that his brother was involved (I presume after left abandoned by him to rotten in Jail). In the northern part of the country, Indians from the jungle started a quarrel with the current government, taking roads and killing lots of cops. It was proven with videos and intelligence report that this was all organized by Ollanta and his puppets. Anyways, with help of Hugo Chavez, he has been trying to buy the country. In poor places, he has created organizations financed by Chavez, to “feed” (or should I say recruit) people to join the cause. Anyways, he has proven himself uneducated in the debates and an idiot in various aspects of the current situation of Peru in general. However, this didn’t prevent him from being the highest voted in Peru (~30%).

So anyways, Ollanta wants to renegotiate all the international treaties. He wants to change the constitution. He wants to give the wealth of the country to the poorest (and obviously take it from the richest’s and middle class). He wants to do what Chavez and Evo (president of Bolivia) did to their countries. He wants to rule all his life in a dictatorship rather than a democracy. Economically, he is gonna f**** the country up for his own interests. Which ones? Power, Money, you know. On the other side, Fujimori, is gonna probably follow his daddy’s saying. Yeah, she is just a face behind the master mind.

30% of the country was ignorant enough to chose for Ollanta. Yes only the poor, who were maliciously tricked, voted for Ollanta. Now, around 30% of the Peruvian population is considered to be poor. From that percentage, almost all voted for Ollanta (from my point of view). 26% of the population voted for Fujimori. The rest, around 56% voted for other candidates, mainly 3, who weren’t intelligent enough to join forces against a common enemy (again, they all went towards their own personal interests rather than the country’s sake). Unfortunately for us, everybody that decided to vote against the worse, voted for 3 of the candidates and that wasn’t enough to beat the enemy.

So you may wonder, why has this happened. In short and as I mentioned above, it is a combination of lack of judgment and education. Yes, Peru is a country on which education is not a priority. (State universities, schools, etc etc, simply suck). So candidates took advantage of the lack of education to get votes. Unfortunately for us, there were so many candidates that the worst ended up having the most votes. If I recall correctly, Peru is a country that has 85% of the biodiversity of the world. We have gold, natural gas, silver, and other minerals. We are so rich in many stuff, but yet, so poor in education and judgment. Congressman, Presidents, etc, they only worry about their own pockets and people is just so ignorant that they keep voting for them. People don’t vote objectively, they just vote because of the fancy things presidents say. Ignorants, voted for the ignorants. Fujimorists, voted for Fujimori. The rest, voted for the better, unfortunately, the better wasn’t united.

To conclude, Peru is now in the hands of us the voters to decide for the better. Not the best, the better. I just hope people see the way I see it. Unfortunately, we are between Cancer and AIDS. I believe if Fujimori ends up as a president, we have some hope, but if not, we are doomed. People is scared of getting the Fujimori clan into the government again, but most of us are even more scared of having Ollanta changing the country Chavez’ like!

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  1. ethana2 Says:

    Man, I can’t wait until internet access is pervasive enough to move on from this republic stuff to actual democracy.

  2. eduardo Says:

    You cannot call “ignorant” to people who doesn’t choose to vote for the same candidate as you did. I personally hate Humala, and don’t like Keiko neither, but dislike is less than hate, so I would vote for her, sadly.

    All these poor people who voted for humala doesn’t feel that the Peru people talks about, with growing economy and such, is the country they are living in. They have been so left behind that they may belive somebody outside the system, as they see themselves, is probably going to represent them better, and who could blame them!. Peru has been growing despite the government, not because of it. Nobody is blaming Toledo nor Garcia for something they actually caused!, a better managed country wouldn’t have created this situation. Starting from Velasco, or probably earlier, every peruvian has been brainwashed to think that the government should solve its problems (somebody proposed 2 million new jobs, what the hell is a president proposing jobs? Again, Velasco’s fault. By the way Ollanta is a big fan of him).

    BUT, I will agree there is just a group of people who wants to see the country burning, and they like Ollanta. Assholes.

  3. roaksoax Says:

    Hi Eduardo,

    I do believe they are ignorants. By definition ignorant is “Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.” The people who voted for Humala are ignorants because they are really blindid from the reality. They don’t see what the rest of Peru sees. The rest is 70% of peruvians who chose not to vote for him, because we don’t want a country like Chavez’ country on where there’s really no liberty, no freedoom, but rather controlled and dictatorial. I do agree with you on that Keiko isn’;t the best option either, but the reason for us being in this situation is because those Peruvians who had the choice to make the best of Peru, were selfish enough to not join forces against the common evil (PPK, Toledo, and Castaneda).

  4. Gonzalo Says:

    Lo que tienes que hacer es informarte bien sobre ambos y sobre sus equipos. No siguiendo a los medios, que van a tratar de hacer que votes como ellos, si no con objetividad y podrás elegir el mal menor. Después de todo siempre en elecciones se elige el mal menor.

  5. iheartubuntu Says:

    I want to thank you for such a good article! Here in United States, we do not hear much of your politics, as our news is filtered.

    Now in USA the talk is always of democracy. We have heard it for many years now in regards to old Soviet Union, and forcing Iraq into a democracy. But the fathers of our country here warned everyone against a democracy.

    Democracy is simply “mob rule”. One gang of more people controlling everything. This cannot be good. Imagine for one minute a democracy… yes it gives you the right to vote, but what good is the vote if you are a sheep, and the majority are the wolves?

    The USA was founded upon, not a democracy, but a republic, which was supposed to respect everyones rights.

    I wonder if you are being fed candidates that are worthless to your country, that will not create the best and do the best for you, the people. Here, it has been like this for too long. Young people will fall for big promises from upcoming candidates, but their stories are nothing more than stories. I believe USA is fed crooked candidates that will do nothing to help the country, even to dismantle it… and it surprises me that everyone will get in line for the next liar, election after election. All to create a division among people, even though we are all the same people of one country.

    I have big hopes for your country! Good luck Peru! All the best! I look forward to a reply and more insight into your elections! Very interesting.

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