My first UEC deployment!!

The other day, I finally decided to go ahead and deploy my own UEC. Given that I don’t have enough hardware for what I wanted to do, I did it on Virtual Machines using KVM, using a virtual network (NAT).

For my deployment, I used 4 VM’s as follows:

  • 1 Cloud Controller
  • 1 Walrus
  • 1 Cluster Controller / Storage Controller
  • 1 Node Controller

The installation process was VERY SIMPLE!! I used this tutorial (UECPackageInstallSeparate), but, instead of installing the packages manually, in VM’s that were already running, I installed them in the Ubuntu Server Installer. The installation was very straight forward. Some of the stuff were already done automatically by the UEC Installer, some other I had to do manually, such as copying ssh keys and stuff.

I must say, I’m impressed on how easy was to install a UEC, Great Integration work from the Ubuntu Server Team!!!

Anyways, after the installation, the Walrus, CC/SC were automatically registered with the CLC. However, I did face 1 single issue. The NC was not able to register!! After a while of research, I realized that the CC/SC didn’t have the *.pem keys that were available on the CLC. So I just copied the keys into the CC/SC from the CLC, and manually register the NC on the CC/SC with euca_conf –register-nodes <node-ip>. After that, I had the NC registered and working. I don’t really know why might this happened, but I was thinking it probably was because of the Virtual Network, or maybe I missed something of the tutorial… if anyone has any ideas, let me know :).

Now, the next step will be to start researching on how to provide HA for the UEC, as soon as I get a break from School (My last semester in my Masters in Telecom & Networking). So, wish me luck.

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  2. Thierry Carrez Says:

    Maybe you started the NC install before the CLC/CC was completely started…

  3. roaksoax Says:

    Uhmmm I don’t really think so because I had the CLC and CC running, before even installing the NC Virtual Machine, so I don’t think that’s the case. Unless, either a publication service or the component listener in the CC/CLC where not running, but if so, the CC/SC and walrus wouldn’t have registered with the CLC. I’m thinking it’s just the virtual network!!

  4. ringonian Says:

    what was your hardware? did you experience any load on your host setting up the vm’s after N instances?

  5. roaksoax Says:

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz processor. 4 GB Ram. I just launched 4 instances and just let them idling… and the CPU load was around 75% but the machine overall was working without any problems.

  6. ringonian Says:

    thanks roaksoax,

    i’m contemplating trying this setup, as well. since i have limited disk space in setting up my vm’s can you give me a recommended setup in terms of hd usage? i find ubuntu’s recommended requirements pretty extreme for what i’m trying to do. i’m planning on having about 4 instances, one possibly being a windows instance. assuming:
    vm1: clc
    vm2: ws3
    vm3: cc/sc
    vm4: n1
    vmx: nx

  7. ringonian Says:

    in your current setup, what are your virtual disk sizes for each vm? would you recommend a different disk sizes from your current setup?

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