GSoC Update of the Week: Testdrive PyGTK Front-end

This week’s update brings:

TestDrive GTK Front-end

  • Minor bugfixes and UI Improvements.
  • Support to work with ISOs on the Ubuntu Releases repo (
  • Other ISOs: Add list to UI, to display all the available Other ISO’s. Thanks to this, there’s also support to delete ISO’s in the list.
  • Preferences: Improve selection of Ubuntu Release, as well as be able to select Repository from which to Obtain the ISOs.

Unfortunately, these new changes are not yet available in the PPA given that I’m merging the TestDrive Front-end source with TestDrive’s source and new packages will become available in the next couple days to start the Testing, in preparation to the upload to Maverick. So, stay tuned.

GSoC Update of the Week: Testdrive PyGTK Front-end

This week’s update brings:


  • Improvements on handling the syncing protocols.
  • Changes that were necessary to provide VirtualBox and Parallels Threading for the Front-end.
  • [kirkland] Change for KVM video mode from vmware back to cirrus.

TestDrive GTK Front-end

  • Threading: Support has been added for threading using VirtualBox, however, it still needs improvements. For now, it will be a little bit slow.
  • Other ISOs: Support for other ISO’s has been added, which means that now we are able to TestDrive ISO’s from other distributions by specifying the URL of the ISO. Also supports local ISO’s. Currently it only supports the addition of ISOs. In the near future, it will support the erasing as well.
  • Maverick: There’s a build now available for maverick at TestDrive PyGTK PPA (see below).

If you would like to test the new release in maverick or lucid please do the following:

Adding PPAs:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:testdrive/ppa
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:testdrive-gtk/ppa
sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install testdrive testdrive-gtk

If you would like to keep track of the project, please refer to the following:

You can also find me (RoAkSoAx) and my mentor (Dustin Kirkland – kirkland) on IRC at:

  • IRC Channel: #testdrive

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