GSoC Update of the Week – Testdrive PyGTK Front-end

As part of this years GSoC2010, I’ll be working on getting a PyGTK Front-end for Testdrive. The work to be done is separated in three main phases.

  1. The first phase is to modularize testdrive to be able to reuse the code for the front-ends.
  2. The second phase is to actually implement a first PyGTK front-end for testdrive, providing the same functionality as it testdrive does.
  3. The third step, is to implement some new features.

Phase 1, has already been completed, because I actually started working in modularizing Testdrive over a month ago. Phase 2, is now in progress and starting soon, i’ll launch it periodically for testing purposes. Phase 3, will begin as soon as phase 2 is completed.

Some of the features that will be implemented were discussed during the Session we had at the last UDS. During the last UDS we not only discussed desired features, but also I prepared some UI sketches. Right now, after a couple days on working on it and getting familiarized with PyGTK, Testdrive Front-end looks like this:

If someone from the Desktop Team/Design Team has suggestions, please do so. They are very much appreciated. If you would like to see other sketches and keep track of the project, please refer to the following:

You can also find me (RoAkSoAx) and my mentor (Dustin Kirkland – kirkland) on IRC at:

  • IRC Channel: #testdrive

If you have any other suggestions, please do so :).

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  4. TGM Says:

    Would it not be simpler to turn the Distro tabs and Architecture groups into drop down combo boxes?

  5. Dustin Kirkland Says:

    We’re also hanging out in #testdrive in

    Nice job so far, Andres! I think people will be very excited about this 😉


  6. A user Says:

    Nice UI :-)

  7. roaksoax Says:

    @TMG: It is indeed another way to group things, however, the idea is to be able to provide the user with the ability to launch whatever ISO it want’s without having to select it from a drop down combo box all the time. For example, what If I wanna test Ubuntu Desktop i386 and then Kubuntu Desktop i386. Instead of selecting first Ubuntu/i386 test it, and then selecting Kubuntu/i386, test it… we can have everything ordered in tabs. That way we have less clicks for the users :)

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