Slowly coming back to life…

The last week of December 2009 I had a surgery. This surgery was supposed to keep me away from computers for just a week or two at most. However, after the second week of the recovery process, doctors discovered a serious complication that was the result of the first surgery. So, I had a second emergency surgery that kept me in bed for the past two weeks and a half.I’m finally recovering and I’m much better. I’m actually able to use the computer to read and reply emails. However, I’m not going to be able to work on Ubuntu related stuff at least for a month. I’ve even lost 1 month of classes, and I’m not even back in the US yet.

Anyways.. the important thing is that I’m recovering and that I’m coming back to the US really soon so that I can restart my normal life!

Hopefully I can catch up with school real soon so that I can restart contributing :). Anyways.. I’m going back to bed :).

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  1. Jonathan Carter Says:

    Hope you get well and make a full recovery real soon.

    And remember to take it easy!

    In what country are you now, btw?

  2. roaksoax Says:

    Thanks :). I’ll take it easy for sure. And I’m in Peru right now (my home country).

  3. Antonio Sánchez Says:

    Te deseo una pronta recuperación. Muchos ánimos.

  4. Fabian Rodriguez Says:

    Que te mejores pronto, tomate bien ese tiempo de recuperación!

    Ahí nos vemos 😉

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