Ubuntizing People!!

About two months ago I made a post where I mentioned how I introduced some friends into Ubuntu… They showed their desired to see what it was and how it worked. The post is here: The Need to Ubuntize people.

Anyways, the thing is that before going to the UDS I showed one of my friends Ubuntu working with full Compiz Effects and he was just amazed. He told me it just looks like a Mac!! I told him… well they are similar and explained to him the whole concept behind Unix and Linux again. Back from the UDS, I brought back some CDs and the Ubuntu User Magazine. I gave a CD and the Magazine to him (with some stickers) and he was just excited about it. The thing is that today he told me: “I just installed Ubuntu and I love it!!.” First of all I though, “wow, he just did it by himself without requiring my help!!”… and well, he did it using Wubi… but, that doesn’t not matter… he gave first step by jumping into it by himself!!

Anyways, after he told me that he was using Ubuntu for quite a few hours, he was setting up all he needed. He got Empathy and Evolution with his accounts working without any help. However, he couldn’t set up three things: Skype, Flash Player, and Music!! I helped him out and showed him how easy it was to install everything…

First, I told him to use the Ubuntu Software Center to install the Adobe Flash Player, but he couldn’t find it there… I browse it by myself and It was there indeed… but the thing was that he just couldn’t find it. For me, this means that there are still things to improve in the Ubuntu Software Center to make it easier for people to install new software.

Second, He told me that he was having difficulty playing his music. I just showed him how to install the codecs by clicking the song and leaving the Player to find it by itself and that’s it. I also showed him how to install Skype.

Anyways, after resolving all the issues he just kept telling me how amazed he was with Ubuntu. He told me, “it is so much faster than Windows, it is so straight forward and easy to use, and I just love it”. He loved it so much that he is still using it in this same exact moment, and its been more than 12 hours!! He also kept telling me how much faster Karmic is in his old laptop in comparison to Windows!! And well… I’m just happy he enjoys it as much as I do.

In conclusion… Ubuntu ROCKS!! I’m very amazed that he did pretty much everything he needed without any help and that he loves it. He is just happy that he does not have the same problems he has with windows in the same time frame. Anyways, I guess that this is all thanks to the developers who put so much effort in the Upstream Projects, and to all of those who make Ubuntu Rock!!

Oh… btw… I almost forget… he said “Ubuntu is the future…”, “Windows is so gonna loose against Ubuntu…”, so… if a regular Windows user thinks this… I’m pretty sure people is just getting sicker and sicker of Windows and they are desperately looking for something new… and unfortunately for us… some of them are switching to Mac because they do not know anything else… so this is where we should show them that there is a whole world besides just Windows and Mac… and this world is the Linux world, and from mine opinion… I would drive them into Ubuntu!!

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