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Ubuntizing People!!

About two months ago I made a post where I mentioned how I introduced some friends into Ubuntu… They showed their desired to see what it was and how it worked. The post is here: The Need to Ubuntize people. Anyways, the thing is that before going to the UDS I showed one of my […]

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UDS – Ubuntu Cluster Stack

Today we had the Ubuntu Cluster Stack session at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas, Texas. We made a few decisions regarding the future goals of the ubuntu-ha team summarized as follows: Failover Cluster Stack: We decided to continue to fully support redhat-cluster-suite, as well as openais /corosync and pacemaker. However, we will also track […]

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At the UDS… Finally… :)

I finally arrived to Dallas few hours ago!!!  Right now I’m hanging out at the Hotel’s lounge with a whole bunch of other Ubuntu Developers!! I’ve already met some however I might not have identified all of them… but soon when everybody is with their name tags. Anyways… this is so exiting… I really look […]

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Strange behavior in laptop LCD

Yesterday I was working on my old laptop and I had to move location, so I disconnected my laptop from the power outlet in the wall. After doing this, my screen started flickering and showing strange lines, from time to time different colors and stuff like that. This is the second time that happens to […]

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Quickly Rocks!

So… I gave it a try… and I liked it. The last few weeks I was programming (after a long time) for a project of one of my classes. Since I wanted to learn python for a while, I decided to do my project in Python. At first, it was just going to be a […]

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