I’m now a MOTU!!

Starting today, I’m officially a MOTU!! It’s been a long and amazing road for me to get to this point but I finally did it!! I want to thank all people who have helped me:

  • Nicolas Valcarcel (nxvl), who was actually the first one on getting me involved with this. and who helped me with my first steps.
  • Steve Stalcup (vorian), who was actually my first mentor, with whom I learned lots of things.
  • Ante Karamatic (ivoks), who was my mentor in the past few months, and the one who helped me with lots of stuff and taught me so many things; and for helping me when I annoyed him (so many times) with so many questions.
  • And last, but not least, all of those who helped me on all those simple questions I had, and all of those who reviewed my packages and helped me to improve my quality.

Thank you. Now, let’s get to work.

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