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The need to Ubuntize people!

Last night I was enjoying Florida’s warm night chatting with some non-techie friends, and we ended up talking about computers and OSs (Windows, MacOS, and Linux). During our conversation, I was surprised to find out that most of these people used PCs (with Windows), because they “didn’t” have a choice. But, what do they mean […]

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I’m now a MOTU!!

Starting today, I’m officially a MOTU!! It’s been a long and amazing road for me to get to this point but I finally did it!! I want to thank all people who have helped me: Nicolas Valcarcel (nxvl), who was actually the first one on getting me involved with this. and who helped me with […]

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UPDATE: Django or TurboGears??

Hi all!! Today I felt like I wanted to learn something new! In the past few months I’ve been doing a little Android Development. Now is time for some Web Development + python. So, what do you think I should use, Django or TurboGears, or… in such case, isĀ  there something better… what would you […]

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