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Dell mini 10v… Is it worth it??

Well… as I’m starting my studies for a M.Sc. in Telecom & Networking, I was thinking on buying a new computer. I’m deciding between a netbook and a laptop. Actually, between a Dell Mini 10v and any laptop. I, of course, want something that will allow me to carry it everywhere… though I do not […]

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In Miami… Finally!!

Finally, after a long trip (that kept me away from everything), I’m in Miami at Florida International University!! I have to say that FIU is a pretty amazing University, where you can find many people around the globe. The weather is nice, at least for now, and I’m pretty happy of being here. So if […]

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Moving to Florida!!

Finally, after many months of waiting the time has come. In less than three weeks I’ll be moving to Miami, FL from Arequipa – Peru. The reason is simple: I’ll be furthering my studies at a University over there. This is a big change for me since the last few months I’ve been pretty much […]

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