Announcing the Ubuntu High Availability Team

In the latest Server Team meeting, I presented the idea that HA Cluster packages should be important for the Server Team and that the team should also concentrate in this packets and be a bug contact for them. Why? because companies nowadays work with clusters or want to start using them, which makes Ubuntu a possible choose. I had this idea for long time, since I’ve done my thesis, but never presented it to the Server Team.

Anyways, in the meeting we decided to create the Ubuntu High Availability Team. This team will work with packages related to HA Clustering in Ubuntu, as a bug contact for them. A mailing list has been created, and it’s ready to use. So, if you like HA clustering, and you want to collaborate triaging bugs related to this packages, you are welcome to join!

Lets make Ubuntu in HA Clustered environments rock!!

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5 Responses to “Announcing the Ubuntu High Availability Team”

  1. Nathaniel McCallum Says:

    Somebody should really start a company doing this stuff…

  2. roaksoax Says:

    Yeah!! I think the same thing :)

  3. jimcooncat Says:

    This is fantastic stuff, and what will help bring Ubuntu to businesses!

    If you build it, we *can* make companies around it. Combining it with the kvm tools, and some sane LAN schemes, small shops will be able to help out small businesses by offering a very useful server setup.

    Go! Go! Go! I’ll be rooting for you, and will get my servers set up to help with testing!

  4. roaksoax Says:


  5. Patrickz Says:

    Hi Guys
    Let’s do it! Make it Rock!

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