My Thesis…

For all of you who wanted to take a look to my thesis (Design of a model to implement High Availability Web Servers, an overview here)… you can donwload it from here:

Btw… it is in Spanish. :)

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  1. lupu Says:

    Fantastic work!

    Fantástico trabajo e interesantísimo tema. Mi enhorabuena.

  2. roaksoax Says:

    gracias :)

  3. Fabian Rodriguez Says:

    Glad to see you published this :)

    I truly hate Creative Commons licensing as it is often confusing. Can you confirm which CC license this is released under ? According to the logo it’ s CC 3.0, BY-SA.

    Now we only need the source of that document to save a wiki format, translate and/org extract into a ” HIgh Availability web servers for Human Beings” doc :)

    Have you played with EC2 yet ?

  4. Edwin F. Lopez Says:

    Excelente trabajo, felicitaciones por tu nuevo titulo.
    Great Work Dude!!! Congrats for your degree!.

  5. roaksoax Says:

    Fabian: the license I released my thesis under is:

    Regarding to EC2, I would love to try it but, since I don’t work…, I don’t have enough money to pay for it :(.

    Other than that.. just ping me while I’m on irc for the source.

  6. jlg Says:

    Felicitaciones! es un trabajo muy completo e interesante.

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