Getting a Job… How hard is it?

Almost eight months ago I obtained my professional title of Systems Engineer by supporting my thesis (“Design of a model to Implement High Availability Web Servers”). This thesis consisted on designing a HA cluster model for web servers using LVS, Heartbeat, ldirectord, DRBD. You can fi/nd a blog post about my thesis here.

Well, so after finishing my thesis… I decided that I would like to work on the High Availability  field and/or implementing and managing servers and networks. I decided that I would also like to work with HA clusters and all that’s involved with it, such as administering linux servers, using tools such as LVS, Heartbeat, HAProxy, Keepalived, DRBD, etc. But… I didn’t start to search for a job immediately I finished for my thesis… and now I am.

The thing is that in a country like mine, Peru, and specially my city, Arequipa, there are no jobs related to this. I’ve been job searching for a while now… and I’ve been unlucky because I havent found any, not even administering networks or servers. I’ve tried to search for online jobs but with the same results… nothing…

So, if anyone knows where can I find such a job, internship, or even work from home job where a young professional can develop its skills, please let me know. It would be much appreciated… and if its something related with Ubuntu… it would be much much better :).

My resumé can be found here:

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