UWN in Spanish. Don’t Worry… It will be back

Hi all.

As you may know, I’m coordinating the translation of the UWN into Spanish. As you might have noticed, the last two weeks there was no spanish translations of it. The reason is simple.

First of all, I’ve moved up to a new city, Lima – Peru, and I’m living in a crappy hotel with poor Internet connectivity that made me be absent for this past two weeks from the Ubuntu world. Because of this, I’ve been unable to coordinate the UWN translation.

Another reason is that there was poor contribution in the past two issues. Since I’m the one who makes most of the translations efforts, it was almost impossible for us to publish the latests issues. But… don’t worry… soon I’ll be moving from that crappy hotel and I’ll have Internet connectivity and I’ll start with the project again.

So now, I invoke you all who want to contribute to contact me. In the next few weeks I’ll be setting up some guidelines to get these translations as regular as possible, so that we have a UWN for the spanish speaking community always.

If you have any comments and suggestions please feel free to contact me. 🙂

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