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Installing DRBD On Hardy!

DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) is a technology that is used to replicate data over TCP/IP. It is used to build HA Clusters and it can be seen as a RAID-1 implementation over the network. As you may all know, the DRBD kernel module has now been included into Hardy Heron Server Edition’s kernel, so […]

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I now have a MOTU Mentor!

Today, just few hours ago I received a notification from Nicolás Valcarcel (nxvl), who is part of the MOTU Mentors Reception Board, telling me that I have been assigned a MOTU Mentor for the Junior Mentoring Program. When he told me that I had a mentor already, I just felt that things are going the […]

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Ubuntu in My Thesis: Part 2

Well as you may know, I had to support my thesis yesterday (July 16) in Arequipa – Peru, at “Universidad Católica de Santa María”. I’ve been approved and finally I became an engineer in Systems Engineering. As I said in a previous post, my thesis was about High Availability Clusters. Actually, it was about designing […]

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Ubuntu in My Thesis

Finally, after 6 months of being doing nothing but partying, contributing to Ubuntu, and finishing my thesis (not working)… I’m about to support it, tomorrow (July 16) at noon (GMT -5). My thesis is about High Availabily Clusters and I’m glad to say that it was done using Ubuntu Servers Over VMWare. Configuration and installation […]

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