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Cluster Sinchronization Tool (CSync2)

As you may know, there are many tools for file synchronization between servers that can suit your needs, but Csync2 (Website and Paper) was specially designed for Cluster File Synchronization, which makes it a great tool to synchronize config files and folders. Now, I’ll show you a simple way of configuring it, by having a […]

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Visual Fox Pro 6 and psqlODBC on Ubuntu with Wine

Few days ago, the Systems Adminitrator from a Financial Institution in my city asked me to make their Financial Systems work in Ubuntu. Believe it or not, they have them in VFP6, using PostgreSQL as their DBMS. You could think it’s easy and that we just have to install VFP6 using WINE and that’s it. […]

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Peruvian LoCo Team

I’m just happy to anounce that a few minutes ago the Ubuntu Peruvian LoCo Team has been approved as an Official LoCo Team :). In the name of the Peruvian LoCo Council (nxvl, viperhoot, P3L|C4N0, xander21c and me), I have to thank¬†all of those who¬†contribute and have contributed in getting the Peruvian LoCo up & […]

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Spreading the Word!

This past few days I’ve been asked by several members of the Peruvian LoCo Team to teach them how to merge packages. This is great!! This reflects nxvl’s talks about Ubuntu Development, that had get into the members heads. It is also great to see how many people wants to get involved with this. So, […]

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