Hello Planet Ubuntu!!

Recently, I’ve been approved by the Americas Regional Membership Board as an Official Ubuntu Member!! I just want to say that I’m really glad to become part of this great community!!.

And just for you to get to know me, I contribute in differente areas, such as:

  • the Peruvian LoCo TeAm.
  • I’m an Official Ubuntu Spanish Translator
  • I also give support on #ubuntu-pe (My nickname is RoAksoAx and you could also find me in many other #ubuntu* channels)
  • and I recently started with MOTU stuff.

I need to say that I’ve already done a couple of merges… so if anyone has suggestions on how to get started with MOTU, I’ll be more than glad to hear you!! I also want to thank effie for having such a great MOTU Journey Guide, also thank nxvl for helping me getting started with merging, and all the others who have helped me getting started on my merges, I really appreciate it :).

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